Social Media Marketing For Home Improvement Companies: Top 12 Strategies

Updated on November 30th, 2021
Social Media Marketing For Home Improvement Companies: Top 12 Strategies

Interested in learning more about social media marketing for home improvement companies? That's a smart choice. As a home improvement business, people are constantly in need of your service. They need contractors to beautify, upgrade, make changes or repairs to their homes. However, if you do not create adequate awareness about your business, how can they use your service?

Social media platforms are a few of the frequently used websites online. Every day, people log on to different social media websites to chat with their loved ones, get news updates, follow celebrities, and a lot more.

But, have you ever thought that some people also come to social media platforms in search of the products they need and contractors to hire? Many people rely so much on getting their products from online stores and hiring service providers on the internet. When you don't create enough online brand awareness, you only lose your customers to competitors.

A tip to attract and reach more potential customers is to keep going where they are going. You can't choose to take your business off the social media space when it is the trendy thing for everyone. In a statistical report published by Backlinko, about 4.48 billion people in the world are currently using social media. This is more than double the 2.07 billion social media users in 2015. 

Like the phrase, "the internet is at your fingertips," with the right tips and techniques, you can grow your brand presence online and use the internet as a tool to attract potential clients to your business.

What Is The Purpose of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing involves using social media websites to promote brand awareness or sell a product or service. This involves creating and sharing content that can drive your audience.

While marketing your company on social media, the goal is to:

  • Create a credible online presence
  • Build an interactive community
  • Sell your services
  • Increase your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Increase awareness about your brand
  • Offer good online customer service to your customers
  • Listen to people's opinions about your business
  • Advertise your home improvement business to a larger audience.

Why Organizations Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing isn't just posting random content on your Facebook business page or Instagram feed. There is so much more to it. If you want to build a digital brand presence, you need the perfect social media strategy.

Social media marketing strategies, in other words, social media plans, refer to a concise blueprint on how to use social media to create and share valuable posts, get engagement and interactions. After which, the attention and interactions are maximized to achieve the brand goals.

Social media strategy helps you to accomplish your brand marketing goals. Without it, you are merely wasting your time because you are very unlikely to achieve anything.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Home Improvement Businesses

You need the perfect social media marketing strategy to build a credible online presence for your company. However, you do not need to be a digital marketing expert to thrive in the social media space. With the proper approach, you will be surprised at how much you can pull off.

Below are a few ways to get started.

Define Your Target Audience

First of all, you need to understand that you can't always be active on all the available social media platforms. Thus, you need first to figure out who your target audience is. The purpose of creating an online awareness of your company is not just to reach a larger audience but the right one. Therefore, you need to identify the social media website popular among your potential clients. For instance, as a home improvement company, you should focus on online platforms that are used frequently by most homeowners.

Also, some of the social media sites have a better chance of performance than others. For example, marketing on websites that allows for visual storytelling, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, can easily intrigue people. This is because most humans are captivated by what they see. Thus, showcasing your previous works via videos, and high-quality images make people more interested in what you do.

Build A Credible Social Media Profile

Once you have decided which social media networks to use for your marketing campaign, the next important step is to create an authentic profile. Your profile must be able to convert more customers to your business.

Plus, you should ensure that your branding, that is, logo, images, name, etc., is consistent throughout your marketing media and website. This makes it easier for people to identify your brand.

Also, you should include relevant keywords that people might likely type into the search field on your profile page. This way, they can easily find your page.

Create And Engage Your Audience with Quality Content

A significant aspect of digital marketing is creating exciting content for your audience to engage. The content does not necessarily have to be lengthy and boring articles or posts about what your business is about. They could be pictures or time-lapse videos relating to your business, with short and exciting captions.

Posting boring content can make you lose potential customers. Instead, create posts or content that people can relate to, laugh at, and make them want to visit your page repeatedly. You should always avoid being a boring businessperson.

Also, You could take high-resolution pictures of the projects you have completed and explain in detail how you went about them and why you used certain concepts or items. This shows how much knowledge you have about your business.

Similarly, post before/after pictures, reviews, and comments of your previous clients. People need proof that you are good at what you do. Posting your clients' requests and how you helped them achieve them is a fantastic way to attract more buyers.

Finally, provide tips and advice to your customers on how they can improve their homes. Most people love to hire those who have expert knowledge in a field. Telling people how to beautify their home, make minor repairs, or DIY tips makes them want to see your page often and most likely pay for your work.

Interact With Your Followers

While posting interesting content is excellent, interacting with your followers is also crucial. This could be by responding to their questions, private messages, and comments or appreciating their replies. This makes them feel important to you.

Also, responding to negative comments with kind words is an excellent way to showcase your good customer service. Unfortunately, there are many trolls in the social media space. You shouldn't allow them to get to you or damage your online presence.

You could spark up engagement by posting questions or prompts. For example, you could ask for their opinions, their preferences and a lot more. Questions or prompts like "Which interior decor is your favorite?" or tag a friend who you would love to give this beautiful furniture are ways of encouraging your followers to interact with you.

Besides engaging your followers on your page, you should also interact with other people on the social media platform. For instance, you can share and like their posts, contribute to trending topics, and provide them valuable information that is not related to your home improvement business. This way, you can build a solid social network connection with more people.

Note that, the more you participate actively on your social media platform, the more you build your popularity in the home improvement industry.

Be Consistent

Consistency is a significant key to creating successful online brand awareness. Abandoning your followers after building an online presence will affect your brand reputation. Instead, ensure that you choose and stick to a specific time to post relevant content and engage your followers regularly. For example, you can post 3 to 5 times every week. This way, they would always see your posts, and you would always be on their minds.

You can also identify when your audience is more likely to be available on the social media platform. For example, some companies conduct statistical research on the most active time of social media users globally. Using this data, they can discern the best time to post content and engage their followers.

Stay In Contact With Your Audience Via Email Marketing

Besides your social media posts, email marketing is an excellent means of connecting with your potential customers. It is a great avenue to interact directly with your audience individually and provide valuable tips and home-improvement-related content.

Not everyone who visits your social media page will buy your services right away; some might spend several weeks or months figuring out the best option for them. But, getting them to sign up for your email newsletter and constantly sending them helpful information is an excellent way to remind them of your brand.

If you can offer them useful content, they will find it easy to use your services. Exceptional content such as tips for home buyers, home building guides, design inspirations, and a lot more will give your subscribers reasons to check your mail.

Personalization is also an excellent way to engage your customers better via emails. For instance, when they subscribe, you can ask them to include their names, age, preferred niche, interests, areas of residence, services they need, etc. This way, you can address them individually based on their interests and needs.

Finally, add links to your email signup form on your social media pages, and persuade your followers to subscribe to the newsletter. Let them see reasons why they should sign up by telling them the value you aim to provide to them.

Run Pay Per Click Advertisements

With more companies using social media platforms these days, it is becoming more challenging to stay noticed on these websites. This is why many businesses pay money for online advertising.

PPC or Cost-Per-Click advertisement is a form of online advertising in which you pay the publisher of the ad every time someone clicks on the link. This is great because you do not have to pay if your link is not "clicked on." So, you would only pay for a working advert. This advertising model is offered by Google Adwords and social media websites like Facebook.

Google PPC advertising allows you to rank for specific keywords that are associated with your business. For example, a person looking for a renovator to hire in California will probably type in "Renovators in California" or "Top 5 Renovators in California". So, if you run an advert to rank for that keyword, your service or social media page will be shown among the results.

In contrast, Facebook Ads work by suggesting your advert to different users based on their location, preferences, search history, and interests. Therefore, the users do not need to run an immediate search request before the ad is shown.

When an online advertisement is done with social media marketing, it helps to reach more people and influence them to buy your services.

Provide Valuable Offers To Potential Customers

Certain customers will not buy your services except you have a good offer that can compel them.

After creating online brand awareness, providing valuable offers to your potential customers can bring more leads to your business. They will feel good that you are willing to offer them something useful for free even before you ask them to hire you. 

You can offer them a DIY tutorial, free estimate, or design guide. A free estimate is a great tool to attract interested people who are still contemplating whether to hire your company or not. Similarly, the design guide will help your buyers make quick decisions when choosing the perfect interior for their home.

Also, offering a free initial consultation can help build a good personal relationship with your potential buyers. Plus, it is an excellent way to tell your customers that you are a professional in the field and that you can handle their requests effectively. Basic information like this helps to get into the good books of your followers.

Spy on Your Competitors

Your competitors may already be active on social media. Well, that is great, because you can learn one or two things from them.

Spying on your competitors lets you know what they are doing online, what people are saying about them, their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a few ways to investigate your competitors on social media:

Conduct a competitor's analysis

This analysis will help you identify who your competitors are, how they are growing their business online, and their strategies. To find out who your competitors are:

  • Select a list of high-ranking keywords relevant to your brand.
  • Find out companies ranked for the selected keywords on social media websites such as Facebook or search engines like Google.
  • Check out other companies your customers are following.

Social Listening

Also, pay close attention to what the buyers say about your competitors - their complaints, reviews, and opinions. You can work on these to improve your own company.

Spot Your Competitors' Weaknesses and Strengths

Some of your competitors might have a strong online presence on a platform and a weaker one on other social media platforms. It is crucial that you lookout for this and use it to your advantage. For example, if a competitor has a stronger Facebook presence but isn't active on Twitter, you should focus on building your Twitter presence.

Work with Brand Advocates and Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are usually social media marketing experts who have understood the nitty-gritty of online marketing and have garnered many followers. Working with the right influencers, especially in the home improvement niche, can help you grow your online brand awareness.

On the other hand, brand advocates are people who love your service and continue to support your company by encouraging other people to patronize you. They might not be as popular or have as many people following them as social media influencers. But, they have a good reputation and can use their influence to encourage their friends, family, and audiences to use your service.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Despite checking your social media page, many customers do not patronize your business right away. Instead, they conduct thorough research using other media like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Here, they might type in different search queries such as "Top Home Improvement Companies in an area" or "Best Companies for Home Renovation." Then, Google or other search engines would display relevant results in order of their rankings. This is why you need to boost your search engine ranking.

Websites that are search engine optimized will be displayed at the top and are more likely to be visited. Note that, more organic traffic to your website would generate more sales.

Here are a few ways to enhance your ranking on a search engine:

Create a Blog for Your Company

As a home improvement company, a blog is where you can post exceptional content valuable to your customers. In addition, having a blog can help you to rank better on search engines. Google and other search websites often suggest blog posts with the most relevant results to search queries entered by the users. Consequently, creating blog posts on content such as DIY tutorials, FAQs, tips, and guidelines related to home improvement makes people more likely to visit your site.

Optimize Your Web Pages for Important Keywords

You can improve your search rankings by optimizing your web pages for keywords relevant to the home improvement niche. To go about this: you should include important keywords in your page content, meta description, title, and URL. This way, when people search for queries related to your business, the search engines will rank your site.

Promote Your Social Media Page

If you are not going to let people know about your social media page, you should not bother to create one.

You should always include your usernames or links to your social media accounts on your flyers, business cards, and other marketing media. You can also inform your friends and family and encourage them to share the links on their pages or with other people.

While you use your page to promote your brand's website, you should also use other channels to promote your social media page. You can add links to your social media page on your website. You can also download the social websites' icons from Google and link them to your account. So, when people visit your website, they can easily access your social media page.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level? 

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