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    We'll start off by creating a custom plumbing financing option for your company. The process is quite simple - get in touch with our team to discuss your business objectives and describe your target market. We will then customize a finance plan that's suited for your specific needs and helps you convert your prospects into paying customers.

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    Once you go through the custom financing plan that we tailor to your business needs, the next step will be for you to register to become a client. To become a member of the Time Investment family, you need to fill out an online application. The entire process is super-fast, very straightforward, and doesn't require much legwork (at least not on your part).

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    As soon as your online application is approved, you can start submitting and tracking home improvement loans for your customers. Our team gets you onboard by taking you through an extensive training process. After that, whether your customer needs a tankless water heater fix, drain cleaning, faucets fixed for hot water, or any other plumbing repairs, they'll be covered.

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What We Can Do For You

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Time Investment offers competitive financing options to help your customers pay for high-ticket plumbing projects. With our partnership, your customers can enjoy home repairs by instantly getting generous loan amounts at reasonable interest rates.

In simple words, we’ll help you provide the installation and repairs of plumbing systems by offering your customers convenient payment options. That way, if your customers can’t make an upfront payment for the plumbing work, they can easily pay via a monthly payment plan.

All in all, we can play a silent role in helping you expand your business by overseeing the entire loan application and collection processes, ensuring that you get paid in full.

Why Choose Time Investment

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One thing that makes us stand out from the competition is the fact that we cherish our relationship with our customers and proceed with a can-do attitude.

We’re a family-owned and operated consumer financing company that drives with a customer-centric approach. When you become a part of the Time Investment family, you’re not treated as just another number, but rather an important asset.

In addition to the above, here are a few things that make us the go-to consumer financing company for hundreds of businesses:


1. Flexible credit programs.

2. Swift credit approvals and reasonable interest rates.

3. Auto-pay options for your customers.


At the end of the day, we value the businesses of our clients like our own, and always go above and beyond to ensure their success.

Our partners love the work that we do

Read what our clients have to say about their experiences working with Time Investment.

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We have been working with TIC since 2008. The reason we use them is the personal service we receive. TIC owners John, Mike, and Tom are involved in the daily business. They make it real easy for the dealer and customer.

Steve, Culligan Water

My favorite part about TIC has been the continued support I receive from the folks that man the dealer services phones, and specifically from my dealer rep. My colleagues at TIC have a seemingly unlimited supply of patience for me. I value that team-oriented spirit and feeling that I get from TIC. I never feel like I’m alone, when using their service.

David, Allied Remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Time Investment?

    Time Investment is a third-party finance company that collaborates with lenders/distributors to provide consumer financing options at suitable loan terms. We allow the end-customers of our clients to pay for expensive products and services through convenient monthly payment plans.

  • How will plumbing financing help my customers?

    With the help of Time Investment Company, you can solve the electrical and plumbing problems of your prospects without acquiring an upfront payment from them. That way, they won’t have to break the bank to acquire the services of your electrical/plumbing company. And you will still receive the total amount upfront from us.

  • Which service areas do you cover for offering consumer financing?

    We offer consumer financing options for a wide range of service areas/niches, including medical treatments & services, home improvements (electrical appliances, plumbing, furniture, windows, roofing, etc.), home food services, energy conservation, water filtration, memorial services, and more.

  • What credit scores do my customers need to get approval for financing?

    The best thing about Time Investment is, we offer a finance plan for people with bad credit scores or low FICO scores. We offer extensive loan programs for prime, non-prime, and no credit score customers. If they have a bad credit history, nothing can stop them from being your customer. All we do is check for a few parameters before processing such loan applications.

  • Is there anything else that makes Time Investment different?

    Another thing that makes Time Investment great is our amazing raving fan customer service. Our team will always be there to assist you through anything you need and provide exclusive advice, keeping your best interests in mind.

  • Is it difficult to get financing from Time Investment?

    Unlike most finance companies, Time Investment doesn't use mere formulae and number crunching for credit approvals. Instead, we use Common Sense Lending, in which one of our team members will jump on a call to discuss realistic options to help as many of your prospects as possible.

How to Offer Plumber Financing to Customers

Mike Farrell
Updated on August 26th, 2020

Nowadays, the need for plumber financing plans in the U.S. is more present than it has ever been before.

At a time where more and more professionals are joining the plumbing industry to cater to the rise in demand for these types of services, this conclusion is logical. The stats paint an illustrative picture.

Based on a 2020 industry research report shared by Ibis World, the U.S plumbing industry has a market size of an estimated $107B, a statistic that indicates that the market is on the rise.

What’s more, stats also point to an elevated percentage of household plumbing needs. A report from Plumbing Manufacturers International indicated that roughly 10% of American households have plumbing leaks that collectively add up to 90 gallons of wasted water daily. Not to mention the sheer number of other plumbing-related issues that homes suffer from all across the U.S.

With the growing need for these services, some homeowners constantly find themselves struggling to cover these expenses.

As a plumbing company or independent plumber, you can do your part to help your customers by offering plumber financing to them.

In this blog post, we’ll break down how this can be a lucrative option for your business and the ways in which you can go about delivering this solution to homeowners.

An Overview of Plumber Financing

Plumber financing is a line of credit awarded for plumbing-related projects. With it, a homeowner or property owner can cover the costs of their expenses.

With regard to the specific types of projects which plumber financing can cover, they vary. Lines of credit usually cover work related to pipes, water heaters, tanks, emergency repairs, and fittings. To be more concrete, these encompass plumbing repairs like burst pipes or faucets, unclogging blocked pipes, and drainage work.

However, plumber financing also covers other types of projects which may not necessarily be classified by some as plumbing-related. These are usually considered home improvement projects or home repairs. For that reason, they are also called home improvement loans in some circles. For example, the installation of a jacuzzi tub, any type of bathroom overhaul, air conditioning/HVAC work, or even some types of kitchen work can be considered eligible for plumber financing. These are some of the major types of plumbing system projects for which homeowners seek lines of credit.

That said, it is up to the lender (the company providing the line of financing) to determine the specific reasons for which the borrower (the one requesting financing) can be granted a plumbing project whatever the application process may be.

Once the line of credit is granted, the borrower is subject to repayment based on the terms and conditions established by the lender.

What Plumber Financing Does For Lenders

Offering plumber financing to homeowners is a lucrative initiative that promises a wealth of potential benefits for lenders.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the main benefits:

  • Boost your service orders: Providing homeowners with a way to finance their plumbing project saves them from feeling the blow of the financial expense if they paid in full. In doing so, the borrower feels more inclined to use your service since it affords them greater financial flexibility. Therefore, the natural consequence is that more homeowners will want to partner with you for their plumbing needs.
  • Remain competitive in the industry: The plumbing industry is a highly competitive industry. In a niche where you are all fighting for the same clientele, providing compelling payment options is a way to stand out among your competitors and reel in more clientele.
  • Tap into more client market segments: In addition to the increase in service orders, offering lines of credit also opens up new segments of your target audience. These segments are those which ordinarily would not have aligned with your company since you did not offer this type of plumbing finance solution.

Types of Plumber Financing

Before diving into the most ideal way in which you ought to deliver plumber financing solutions, it is important to first dissect the existing solutions that homeowners are most exposed to.

They are as follows:

Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan, also called a second mortgage, allows one to secure a loan using the equity accumulated on their home during a given span of time.

For example, let’s say that a homeowner has a mortgage balance of $300,000 and their home is valued at $400,000.

This means that the borrower’s corresponding home equity loan will be $100,000.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Though similar to home equity loans, HELOCs are different financial products that more resemble how a credit card works.

HELOCs allow homeowners to gain entry to a line of capped-credit which they can use on an as-needed basis.

This limit is usually calculated on a monthly basis throughout the totality of the loan life cycle.

The loaned amount tends to be measured as the difference between the home loan and 80% of your property’s value.

Unsecured Personal Loans

In cases where a homeowner does not have collateral, assets, or is unwilling to use them to secure a loan, they have the option of an unsecured personal loan.

However, with these loans, the homeowner assumes stricter eligibility requirements and usually has to have an excellent credit score since from the point of view of the lender, the loan is risky.

The Dangers of Traditional Financing Plumber Plans

While it is true that the three finance plans mentioned previously are standards in the plumbing industry, that does not necessarily mean that homeowners are satisfied with them.

In fact, all of these plans constitute significant pain points to homeowners.

Here’s why:

  • Elevated interest rates: While unsecured personal loans seek to make it easier for homeowners to access funding, borrowers are subject to very high interest rates. These interest rates are often so extreme that borrowers cannot use this type of loan since it is not a financially viable option for them in the long run.
  • Unsuitable repayment terms: While repayment terms vary based on the lender, they are hardly ever tailored to suit the specific needs of the borrower. Consequently, a borrower ends up having to settle for a line of financing which does not necessarily allow them to fund their plumbing project under favorable circumstances.
  • Limited credit limits: Most loan amounts are predetermined even before the borrower applies. Therefore, a homeowner cannot request more in credit than what the plan specifies. This constitutes an inconvenience for homeowners who have extensive plumbing projects that cost north of $100,000 since most plans may not cater for these amounts.

All in all, the main problem with these types of plans is that they are not flexible. For that reason, a plumbing company that includes these types of financing options ought to think twice since in most cases, they do not satisfy the demands of their customers.

Instead, the best option would be to offer a flexible finance plan.

Here’s how you can secure them for your customers with Time Investment Company.

TIC for Plumber Financing

Time Investment Company (TIC) is a family-run finance company who has spent over forty (40) years delivering finance solutions to businesses and their customers.

In that time, we have worked tirelessly to develop attractive, flexible finance plans for plumber companies that match the specific needs of their customers.

We collaborate directly with plumbing service providers to provide the funding they need at reasonable repayment terms and conditions and at an interest rate that they can afford.

With TIC, your customers simply pay a deposit on your service and pay off the balance in fixed monthly payments at lower interest rates than they are accustomed to under other finance plans.

At TIC, we are particularly sensitive to the needs and comfort of small and medium-sized businesses as well as their customers. For that reason, we work alongside you to double-down on finance plans that your customers appreciate so you can secure more service orders.

In total, we have worked with more than 250K businesses, successfully funding over $775M over the course of our time as a lender.

Secure the finance solutions you need for your customers by aligning with a finance company who has a proven history of connecting businesses with successful funding plans for their customers.

Takeaways for Plumber Financing

In short, flexible, tailor-made finance plans are the ideal solution for businesses looking to offer funding solutions for their customers.

If you want to differentiate your brand from competitors as an innovative, customer-centric company and pull in more sales, then TIC can help you.

Let us work directly with you to secure the finance plans your customers need to take on their plumbing project.

Reach us via (800) 236-1177 to discover how you can begin leveraging these types of plans for your customers today.