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How We Can Help You Reach More Clients

The best part about having a roofing company is that it’s recession-proof and an integral part of home improvement. That being said, whether you specialize in installing new roofs, roof replacement, or roof repair, it’s not always easy to strike a profitable deal with your clients.

However, there’s a solution – by partnering with Time Investment and opting for our roof financing service, you can give your clients the option to pay with monthly payments.

This, in turn, allows our partner businesses to capture a bigger portion of the market and enjoy more sales.

We’ll take care of the entire process, giving you time to focus on scaling your business and doing what you do best.


Why Choose Time Investment

Here are a few promising reasons to choose Time Investment:

1. Quick application processes and high approval rates for loan amounts for home improvement projects

2. Personal one-on-one training for your staff members

3. Custom TIC application that meets your special needs

However, the unique selling point of Time Investment isn’t our financial products, but the overall experience that we strive to deliver to our partners (clients) and distributors (loan lenders).

Being a family-owned business, we’ve always believed in cultivating long-term relationships, be it with our partners or distributors.

But how do we develop and strengthen these relationships? That’s where our top-notch customer service comes into play. We go above and beyond to make sure that we deliver the most personal experience by assisting our partners in any way possible.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to answer any questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Time Investment?

Time Investment is a special type of financing company that acts as a third-party lender. We don’t offer roofing loans directly to the customers of our partners. Instead, we work with lending partners to offer flexible payment plans.


What consumer financing products do you offer?

Time Investment specializes in offering consumer financing through installment loans with low interest rates. Additionally, we offer lines of credit to cater to niches, where repeat purchases/ongoing transactions are the norm.


How does consumer financing work?

With the help of our platform, your clients don’t have to pay a lump sum amount upfront. They can instead pay for roof projects through affordable monthly payments. Like all traditional loans, the repayment terms will vary and depend on the credit history of the client.


What makes Time Investment the superior option when it comes to roof financing?

If you want to feel like you’re a part of a family and receive the best advice and suggestions, give Time Investment a shot. Through this level of customer care, we’ve been able to reach a point where 95% of our dealers come through word-of-mouth marketing.


Is it challenging to get loan approvals from Time Investment?

Unlike most third-party lenders, Time Investment doesn’t offer rigid financial programs. While those with good credit scores are usually offered better loan terms, someone with bad credit can also take advantage. To be specific, we offer personal loan options to prime, non-prime, and even no credit customers. Of course, as with every other type of loan, the exact interest payments will vary.


What products and services do you finance?

Apart from roof projects, Time Investment company also finances other home improvement services, water filtration services, and more.