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We offer common-sense financing solutions and best-in-class experiences


Tailored Programs

Close more sales and improve cash flow by offering tailored financing plans.

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Full-Service Support

Grow faster by relying on our full‐service Dealer and Customer support teams. As a family-owned business, our passion is to help you grow your business.


Easy-to-use System

Delight customers with an immediate decision, automatic second look on pending applications, next-day funding, and secured Dashboard for processing and tracking.


Flexible Solutions

Help more customers by offering flexible payment plans for prime, nonprime, and no credit customers.

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“Founded in 1981, our Midwest values have allowed us to grow steadily from humble beginnings to one of the top third-party lenders in the USA.” Mike Hafeman, CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Time Investment?

Time Investment is a consumer finance company established over 40 years ago. The Hafeman family founded the company with the desire to help more people afford high-quality products and services through our ever-growing network of partners. With that, we have enabled innumerable partners to grow their businesses and their customers to live better lives.

What are the financial products offered?

We primarily offer financing through fixed-rate installment loans, but we also set up revolving lines of credit for customers that make purchases on an ongoing basis. A variety of payment programs are available, including no-payment-no-interest promotions. As a partner, you choose which program fits best to help your consumers’ needs.

What makes Time Investment different?

Most finance companies only focus on formulas for acceptance and will simply turn your customers down without discussion. We practice Common Sense Lending. Our team is happy to get on the phone so that more of your customers can get approved, which has a direct impact on your revenue. As a family-owned business, our passion is to help other businesses grow.

What types of products and services does Time Investment finance?

Time Investment partners with businesses operating in a variety of industries, including home improvement, water treatment, HVAC, healthcare, and more. You can navigate to “Industries” on our top menu to see some of the industries that we cover. But if you don’t find your product on this list, please give us a call at 262-208-5999 to see if we can partner with you.

What credit score does my customer need?

Time Investment offers a comprehensive program that includes financing options for prime, non-prime, and no credit score customers. We want to help you with your whole portfolio.

Why should your business choose Time Investment?

We often hear from partners that we make their lives easier through exceptional personalized service, a user-friendly system, and high approval rates. We also hear that they love our next-day funding, which improves their cash flow. Also, we are constantly working on incorporating new features and improving our service to make sure our partners and their customers get what’s best out there.