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What We Can Do For You

Whether you laminate floors, do hardwood flooring or make luxury vinyl flooring, our refinancing solutions let you offer your clients convenient payment options.

With Time Investment, you can focus on offering your clients the best flooring services to maximize their home estimates, worry-free. We’ll handle all loaning aspects for you, from client application right down to confirming receipt of the last repayment.

Furthermore, with our easy-to-use software, you can also track your clients’ applications in one secure place, and commence convenient billing cycles for your credit customer without losing out on business days or extending purchase dates.

To top it off, we’ll also bear 100% of the risk, helping you make quick credit decisions and getting paid in full no matter what.

Why Choose Time Investment

Here are a few things that make us the go-to financing company for hundreds of businesses:

1.  A quick and convenient online loan application process

2.  Special financing programs for various credit scores

3.  Fast credit approvals

4.  Automatic payments from your customers

But that’s not what we’re best known for.

As a family-centric business, our philosophy revolves around nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and lending partners.

Because we keep our clients’ wellbeing at heart, we’ll go all those extra miles to offer them the best customer support and their clients with the most feasible flooring financing solutions with minimum monthly payments for minimum interest charges.

It is because of our raving fan customer service that 95% of our clients come through word-of-mouth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Time Investment offer?

We specialize in offering consumer financing options through installment loans with feasible payment terms for qualifying purchases. In addition to our special financing offers, we also provide revolving credit lines for niche businesses to keep their cash flows running against their customers’ repeat purchases.

Does Time Investment disburse personal loans?

Time Investment is a specialized third-party lending business that offers flexible consumer financing solutions at competitive interest rates. We work with our partner lenders to provide installment loans. That way, all of your clients – even those with limited buying power/non-cardholders – can avail your flooring services.

Does Time Investment disburse personal loans?

It doesn’t take much to become our client because we have lenient selection criteria and a quick vetting process. If you’re in the home improvement, medical, energy conservation, memorial monuments and services, water filtration, home food services, or cookware industry anywhere in the United States, we’d be happy to work with you.

What credit score do my clients need to get a loan approval?

While having a good credit score usually renders better payment terms, it’s possible to get approved for financing even with bad credit (or no credit at all). This way, you can easily take on more clients, make special offers to existing clients, increase sales, and focus on simply scaling out your operations.

Is it challenging to get approval for financing from Time Investment?

Loan seekers with different credit scores and levels of purchasing power have a chance of getting loan approvals. This is due to our Common Sense Lending policy, by which we look at every case individually, as opposed to using mere formulae for credit approvals.

What else makes Time Investment different?

Time Investment prides itself in having the best customer service when it comes to finance companies. Your best interests will always be at the top of our priorities, and we’ll go above and beyond to help you in any way possible.