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These are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our Dealer and customers.
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Dealer FAQ

How do I get started with Time Investment?

To get started, you need to submit a Dealer Application form. Our team members will review your application and reach out to you to guide you through the next steps. If you’re not ready to apply, you can send us an inquiry form we will contact you with more information.

How do I know if TIC is right for me?

When you submit an inquiry form, our team will reach out to you to schedule some time to connect. We will discuss your business needs, walk you through our platform and answer any questions you may have.

What do I need to have handy while completing the application form?

To complete the Dealer application form, you will need basic information about your company, such as years in business and address, and some information about yourself, such as physical and email addresses. You will also be asked to share some financial information about your company to help us better understand your needs, but these are optional.

How do I set up training sessions for my team?

Once you complete the application and get approved, our client support team will give you all the details about the training. You will be able to schedule online training sessions for your team at your convenience.

Customer FAQ

How do I make a payment?

To make a loan payment, you need to create a customer account or log in to your customer account in case you already created one. From there, you will be able to select the payment methods and make the payment. If we already have your payment information on file, you also have the option of emailing us at CustomerSupport@timeinvestment.com or calling us at (800) 236-1177 to make a payment. Another option is to mail the payment to PO Box 3184, Milwaukee 53201 (for payments with stub), or to PO Box 248, West Bend 53095 (for payments without stub).

How do I request an increase in my monthly payment?

Our loan payment system is set up in a way that you have the freedom to make larger payments than the set amount -- if you want to. This way, you have the chance to pay off your loan faster. If you want to adjust the monthly set amount, you can send us an email at CustomerSupport@timeinvestment.com, call us at (800) 236-1177, or reach out through our live chat.

How to obtain a payoff?

If you wish to obtain a payoff, please let us know through email (CustomerSupport@timeinvestment.com), live chat, or give us a call at (800) 236-1177.

How do I set up an automatic payment?

To set up automatic payments, log into your customer account, and enter your banking information (checking or savings account). You can also send us an email at CustomerSupport@timeinvestment.com or call us if you need assistance.

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