HVAC Contractor Marketing Strategies To Grow Customer Base

Updated on December 17th, 2021
HVAC Contractor Marketing Strategies To Grow Customer Base

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning services are becoming increasingly sought-after. As a result, the HVAC industry is expanding. And with more HVAC companies springing up to service homeowners who want to improve their homes, HVAC contractors need to up their marketing game to survive in such a competitive industry. 

There are several ways to execute your HVAC marketing services, all of which require time, money, and human resources. However, this article aims to simplify things for your marketing or sales team. 

We will share some HVAC marketing strategies to grow your business. These contractor marketing techniques have proved highly effective. With them, you are substituting your time and resources for customer retention and business growth. As long as you stick with them, you will record-high sales, have loyal customers, and, more importantly, grow your business. 

Effective HVAC Marketing Strategies To Grow Your HVAC Business 

As an HVAC business contractor, marketing comes with certain crucial steps to ensure you do not hit rock bottom in marketing. Whether you go for the traditional measures or use digital marketing does not matter. 

To make the process easier and straightforward for you, we compiled a list of HVAC marketing strategies you can implement as an HVAC company. These strategies are practical ways to grow your customer base and generate more revenue in your business. 

However, while these HVAC marketing strategies have both short and long-term benefits, some are more of a long-term plan. This means you should not work yourself in getting results as soon as possible. Instead, stick with them and follow the process. You will be surprised how much growth and brand expansion you experience when they start bringing the results. 


Leverage Pay-Per-Click Ads

Suppose you employ a digital marketing agency to handle your HVAC company marketing for you. In that case, one of the first digital marketing strategies the agency will likely set up is a PPC for your HVAC company. 

In 2018, 66% of word phrases buyers clicked were paid words. This is to tell you how effective this HVAC marketing strategy can be. PPC ads are one of the best internet marketing channels for any brand, HVAC inclusive. 

So what exactly is pay-per-click? 

PPC advertising is when you set up your HVAC company ads across different online platforms to reach leads and pay when they click on them. What PPC does is allow you to only pay for the ad as each lead clicks on them.

Your total payment for the ads depends on the number of clicks they get. One of the benefits of PPC is that it can help your business stick within the budget but is also super effective. This is why local businesses opt-in for this HVAC marketing to reach potential customers.

To leverage PPC ads, you can put up your promotional ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing, etc. However, most companies use Google and Facebook Ads. 

Another benefit of PPC advertising is that it does not waste your resources. So, you can be assured that your budget will be used maximally. Also, ensure that you use Google Keyword Planner to sort your keywords to improve your search rankings.


Email Campaigns

Many digital marketers say email marketing is their primary lead generation tactic. Well, that's true. Every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38 in ROI

To get started: you should first focus on building an email subscribers list. Whether you have done it before or you are just starting your email campaign, you need a list of subscribers. 

You can start by putting out simple forms for users to sign up for your HVAC business updates, news, promotional offers, etc. The best place is to put up the forms on your website. 

Ensure the information you request is limited so you do not seem intrusive. Only ask for their names and phone numbers. If it's any better, tell them what information they will be getting to further attract them, like discounts, distress sales, giveaways, exclusive HVAC content, flash sales, etc. 

You shouldn’t worry about anyone opening your mail. From 2010 to 2015, emails opened on phones increased by 30%. So, you can be certain a certain percentage of the subscribers will be interested. 

Ensure that you optimize your emails to work easily and look attractive on mobile devices. You do not want email content looking out of order. 

Also, note that email marketing may not start converting instantly. It takes time to grow. If you have started, you can consider revamping your email marketing strategy and to ensure you are getting better at reaching your target customers. 


Social Media Marketing 

Many thriving local businesses leverage social media marketing, as Social media is one of the surest places to discover your customers.

Many digital marketers use social media as the most common platform for content marketing promotions. In addition, more than 90% of prospects use social media to make purchase decisions. Social media is a strong ground for generating leads, interacting with them about your HVAC business, and converting them. 

You can also use social media to improve your customer retention plan. As an HVAC local business, there are a lot of benefits when you adopt social media as your HVAC marketing strategy. They include building your brand awareness, engaging prospects, and customers, sharing useful information and advertising offers. 

We have gathered that HVAC companies with a strong social media presence receive more business contracts. As part of the plan to optimize your social media content, we advise HVAC companies to share only related, and quality content on their social media handles to increase brand awareness and improve their online presence. 

For instance, unrelated content on your Facebook page will not convert. You must use a proactive approach for this marketing strategy. 

Also, always read comments and reactions to your content. These help you know how to improve your HVAC company services. 

You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These platforms have special marketing features you can always subscribe to.


Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign For HVAC Marketing

Another helpful HVAC marketing strategy is to start a local SEO campaign. Of course, HVAC companies want to reach the market on a large scale. However, it is always advisable for an HVAC local business to focus on attention to its target audience. 

With local SEO for your HVAC company, you can generate qualified leads and new customers within your local vicinity. This is because your HVAC company serves your local area more. So optimizing content that makes people in your locality find you easily is an effective way to improve your HVAC search engine marketing. 

Local Search Engine Optimization is a targeted searching engine strategy that helps your local services to connect with future customers close to your local company and service area. 

For instance, local search engine marketing shows your business name and services among the online business listing within your local environment. 

To improve your marketing campaign with local Search Engine Optimization, you should:

  • Ensure you complete all local SEO directories by adding your name, company address, and phone number to your website. Everything should be correct as Google and other search engines use them for online directories. 
  • Enter business listings and generate citations in your local directories. Search engines will use your citations to add your HVAC local business to the local SEO directories. 
  • Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) to improve your SEO rankings and brand recognition on search engine results (SERPS). Local customers can always find your business on the top of search results on Google. Google maps also use these in map directions.
  • Create and share local content about your local services to connect with people within your local community. 


Leverage Customers Reviews And Feedbacks 

For HVAC companies, one of the effective ways to improve the brand and the services you offer homeowners is to consider online reviews and client feedback. Reviews go a long way in sustaining your company. 

Feedbacks show you how much customers are satisfied with your services. Plus, they tell you what you might not know about your services. 

Customer reviews can critically evaluate your shortcomings, so it is not only the positive reviews you should feel happy about. Negative online reviews are often more helpful in brand improvement than positive ones. We advise HVAC contractors to ask for customer reviews upon completing their works. 

Also, you can share these positive reviews on your HVAC business website and social media platforms. However, for the bad feedback, you can appreciate the customers and prevent a recurring event. 

Prospects often trust what other people say about you more than you say about yourself as an HVAC contractor. So, sharing customer reviews and feedback is a failsafe strategy to market your HVAC services. In fact, showing reviews on your website makes it look more attractive. You can even request video reviews from your happy clients. 


Blogs And Websites

We could perhaps put this HVAC marketing strategy at the top of the list. If you offer home improvement services without a website or blog, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Fun, because it makes all other things about your internet marketing easier and more convenient. 

Your services should be put up on a blog or website as an HVAC company. Not only should you have a website, but you also need to optimize it. Websites are ineffective if they lack basic optimization qualities that make the advertising business attractive. 

A slow-loading blog on HVAC new business will frustrate website visitors. Having quality images on your website is crucial for an HVAC service provider. Imagine if the images take too long to load or have bad quality. 

You should consider the following when creating your HVAC business website. 


  • Optimize your business page so the site loads quickly.
  • Ensure you make navigation on your website easy. 
  • Let your Call To Action be conspicuous to website visitors. 
  • Add a subscription link or form on your landing page.
  • Pitch your special offers, discounts, sales offers, etc., quickly. 
  • Include short videos
  • If you must, employ a marketing agency to optimize your business page.


Youtube HVAC Marketing Strategy

YouTube has continued to be one popular social media marketing place to attract prospects with visual advertising. With YouTube, you can create videos explaining your business, what you do, and how you offer your HVAC services. 

Additionally, you can create video reviews by recording your clients to evaluate your services. We advise that you ask them first before putting up your recorder. 

You can use YouTube marketing to explain everything about your HVAC contractor business. YouTube also allows you to share information about your workplace and staff. 

Also, many HVAC contractors use YouTube because it is cost-effective. Interestingly, YouTube has added new features like YouTube Shorts - a new video-making feature that allows HVAC companies to share short videos from time to time. 

Finally, HVAC companies can link their YouTube videos to their website by adding the videos to their websites. 


Create Offers, Discounts, Bonuses, Referral Perks

Generating qualified leads is not all about pitching unique services. Sometimes, you need to offer something related to service costs. Of course, HVAC clients will pay if the services are worth it. But a bit of offers here and there will make them more inclined to choose you over your competitors.

To woo your target market into making purchase offers and setting up HVAC contracts, offer price discounts, bonuses, coupons, etc. Doing this shows you are more interested in offering your services than you are concerned about what you will lose on the prices. 

Besides, it motivates a potential customer to further down the purchase funnel. Referral works best in this case because it can generate leads. Small businesses initiate referral discounts to reduce quotes for clients who refer your business. It is safe, reliable, and very effective. 


Write Customer Appreciation Posts

Part of HVAC marketing strategies is appreciating your customer. This is a very effective customer retention tactic. Not only that, prospects would desire such a relationship. 

Small businesses that want to build a strong customer relationship should understand the need to appreciate their loyal customers. It shows that they are concerned about the needs of the customer. 

Building a customer-based relationship is one of the best long-term strategies to sustain and grow your business. In addition, you can use this internet marketing idea to generate leads. 

Since you have a website and social media handles, writing appreciation posts for your customers will go a long way in rewarding brand loyalty and generating new leads. 

Every prospective buyer wants to feel important in a business arrangement. Besides, since you offer home improvement services and deal with their homes, appreciation shows you care about their homes.


Social Media Influencers 

As part of the digital marketing strategies, HVAC contractors also employ the services of social media influencers to advertise their services. Social media influencers have large networks. So it is easy to reach a wider audience and extend your service area when you contract influencers to share your HVAC services. 

Interestingly, HVAC services are popular because people need to improve their homes' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning operations. So generating leads from posts by influencers is a sure thing. In addition, you can up your deal with the influencers by making them ambassadors (just like you should make customers ambassadors too, to reward brand loyalty). 

Local companies should ask the influencers to include a CTA in the paid ads. Influencers can help you reach your target market to generate more leads. This is because those clicking on the posts are potential customers interested in HVAC services. They need more information about your company. 

To boost your local digital marketing (and local SEO), you can employ local influencers who are popular in your local environment. Using influencers is a way to boost your business listing and online presence across social media networks. You can see it as paying for contractor marketing services.


Seek Recommendations 

Like reviews and feedback, referrals and recommendations are also effective in boosting your HVAC local services. Recommendations show validity and acceptability in the HVAC industry. They show your customers are satisfied with your services and want their families and friends to get the same. And for a growing HVAC industry, recommendations are one of the best ways to thrive in the competitive market. 

Recommendations can happen in two ways. First, happy customers can recommend friends and families who need similar services when you ask them to. Two, you can create a referral reward system where customers who refer new clients are rewarded in one way or the other. 

Either way, recommendations can solve service or quality objections from leads even before you say a word. 

People trust what others say about your business rather than what you argue that your business is. If you believe you did a great job, ask for recommendations. It is a very effective way to delegate HVAC contractor marketing services. 


Helpful and Professional Customer Service System 

Good customer service is another practical marketing tactic. Imagine what would happen if someone asks about your services and your HVAC contractor marketing reps are repulsive in their responses. 

Having a professional customer service system is a stage to convert a doubtful lead. Leads interested in your HVAC services want to know more by contacting your sales reps or customer service. How you respond to their inquiries and objections affects your brand identity and market image. Your sales team should be respectful, cordial, and professional in their dealings.

Remember that sad leads can give bad reviews on your business, hurting your brand identity. Set up a dedicated team. You can also design an automated customer service response system.


Making HVAC Presentation That Sells

Getting your sales team ready is one of the HVAC contractor marketing strategies you should implement. Similar to an effective customer service system, the sales team must be ready to deliver the best HVAC sales presentations.

Sometimes, an HVAC sales presentation is your last chance to convert a prospect. 

Here, we list some steps your sales reps can take to prepare for HVAC sales presentations.


  • Be formal and polite, but not too serious. 
  • Talk more about the services.
  • Do you have special offers? Explain them.
  • Prepare and deliver possible objections and their solutions during the presentation.
  • Discuss why your HVAC services such costs.
  • Deliver a branded sales presentation document. 


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