Offer affordable dental financing solutions to your patients

Allow your clients to pay with flexible payment plans for dental treatments

How It Works

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    Get a tailored proposal

    Be it orthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, or any other dental services, we'll offer a customized financing plan. To that end, our team will work with you to create a tailored proposal to understand your business needs and find suitable dental financing options—setting you up to be the most successful dental care practice in your area.

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    Apply to become a client

    After getting a tailored proposal that fits your dental financing criteria, the next step would be to have you become a part of the Time Investment family. To do that, you'll need to fill out a client application. Our online application process is simple, only takes a few minutes, and doesn't require any legwork.

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    Start submitting loans

    You can start submitting and monitoring loan applications for new dental procedures on behalf of your patients as soon as we accept your application and provide your staff with one-on-one training. We'll take care of everything at this stage and bear all the risks associated with the dental loans we give out.

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How We Can Help Dental Service Providers

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Let’s face it: Dental treatment—especially that arising due to emergencies—isn’t exactly cheap.

Furthermore, there could be multiple dental clinics operating within the same vicinity as you.

To help the patients pay for unexpected dental care and our fellow partner dentists stand out from the competition, Time Investment provides dental financing solutions.

We do this by partnering with third-party lenders to help the patients of our clients (the dentists) pay through convenient installment loans (monthly payments).

Our dental financing process is hassle-free. All relevant information about consumer financing is provided in advance—making the loan application process transparent and swift.

And if you’re wondering: Yes, we’ll take care of the entire process, so you can concentrate on what you do best—spreading smiles.

Why Choose Time Investment

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Here are some of the many reasons to consider Time Investment for dental financing:


1.  Fast and manageable monthly payments for dental financing rather than a big out-of-pocket  fee  all at once

2.  Customized programs to cater to different credit scores

3.  Quick credit approvals

4.  One-on-one training session for your staff regarding personal loans, loan term and payment options


That’s not all.

What truly makes us the best financing company in Wisconsin is our seamless financing experience. We have been providing our clients with the best customer support there is for 40 years with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Want to know more about our products and services? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our partners love the work that we do

Read what our clients have to say about their experiences working with Time Investment.

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We have been working with TIC since 2008. The reason we use them is the personal service we receive. TIC owners John, Mike, and Tom are involved in the daily business. They make it real easy for the dealer and customer.

Steve, Culligan Water

My favorite part about TIC has been the continued support I receive from the folks that man the dealer services phones, and specifically from my dealer rep. My colleagues at TIC have a seemingly unlimited supply of patience for me. I value that team-oriented spirit and feeling that I get from TIC. I never feel like I’m alone, when using their service.

David, Allied Remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Time Investment company?

    Time Investment is a third-party financing firm that specializes in offering flexible options for dental financing. We also offer financing for other high-ticket products and services.

  • What dental health financing products do you offer?

    We provide dental health financing through installment loan offers—ideal for dental offices dealing with gum surgery dentures, root canals, dental implants, Invisalign treatment, dental x-rays, or simple oral hygiene checkups. Furthermore, we offer rotating credit lines for businesses whose customers engage in repeat/ongoing transactions.

  • What makes Time Investment the best option when it comes to dental financing?

    One thing that sets us apart is our raving fan customer service, through which we always go above and beyond to help our clients (and lenders) in the best way possible. Additionally, we won't charge any prepayment penalties from your patients. Finally, the repayment terms are comparatively more flexible than that of our competitors.

  • Does credit score matter to get loan approvals from Time Investment?

    It doesn't matter if your patient has bad or good credit—our robust financing system caters to a wide variety of tiers. In fact, we also cater to people with no credit scores. We do this through something known as "Common Sense Lending"—by which we handle every case differently and don't rely on formulas for credit approvals.

  • Does Time Investment offer personal loans directly for every dental visit?

    We work with third-party clients/providers to offer financing at reasonable interest rates to our partners’ prospects and allow them to buy high-ticket consumer products/services at affordable rates.

  • What other products/services do you offer financing for?

    Apart from dental financing, we also offer financing for other medical treatments (surgical and cosmetics), home improvement (flooring, HVAC, etc.), water treatment services, and more.