Wisconsin Dental Association Review: Is It Worth It to Join?

Updated on April 1st, 2022
Wisconsin Dental Association Review: Is It Worth It to Join?

Founded in 1870, The Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA) is the oldest and largest dental industry advocacy group in Wisconsin. It's the leading voice in Madison promoting the dental profession, quality oral health care, and professional excellence within the dental industry. Its headquarters is in West Allis, while the Association’s Legislative Affairs office is in the state’s capital of Madison. 

As of November 2020, the Wisconsin Dental Association has 3,100 dentists who have become registered members, a significant percentage of the estimated 3,500 licensed dentists in the State.

The WDA is a subchapter of the American Dental Association, the largest dental association in the United States, with more than 163,000 members. 

What are the Affiliation Benefits? 

The FDA and the ADA parent organization partner with various third-party organizations, leveraging members’ collective buying power to negotiate discounts on products and services such as insurance, dental equipment and supplies, and dental finance companies like Time Investment Company, that help dentists provide their patients with a way to make affordable payments for dental services. 

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Considering that the WDA is a widely-recognized institution within Wisconsin, patients often search their website looking for local dentists. When a dentist joins the FDA, their credentials and contact information are added to their website, contributing to patient flow. 

Each month, thousands of Wisconsin consumers search for a dentist via WDA.org, bringing more patients to members’ offices. Tripartite membership means our dentists are also included on the ADA’s Find-a-Dentist section at MouthHealthy.org.

Continuing Education

The WDA’S Annual CE & Networking Event offers six hours of CE credits delivered by nationally recognized speakers followed by a fun social gathering. The event is held in a different Wisconsin location every year.

Wisconsin’s 26 local dental societies host CE sessions throughout the year, often with assistance from the WDA.

The WDA BizTalks webinar series features timely topics in a quick, one-hour format. Members who register for and participate in the live webinars can receive non-clinical CE credit.

What are the Membership Categories?

The Wisconsin Dental Association offers several tiers, or membership categories, to match every stage of a dentists’ career. For example, the Association offers a low-cost membership for dental school students and graduate students who have not yet started their careers as full-time dentists. This membership gives dental students access to valuable industry and business education resources at a price they can afford, even as students. 

See below for more information on each of the WDA’s membership tiers.

Tripartite Membership

Member dentists who reside or practice in Wisconsin can apply for this plan which covers the membership costs of the Wisconsin Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the 26 local dental societies of Wisconsin.

Dental Student

Any student pursuing continuing education via a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the Marquette University School of Dentistry can automatically become members of both the WDA and ADA without incurring any fees, enjoying all benefits that these bodies offer.

Dental Graduate Student

Students who are enrolled in a full-time residency or graduate education program lasting for at least one-year can claim free membership.

Limited Practice Membership 

This membership plan is geared to dentists who earn no more than $50,000 annually. If you fall into this band, you only pay 25% of WDA membership fees.

Retired Membership

Directed to active members who are not enrolled on a fixed government-approved pay scheme, anyone applying must fill out a retired affidavit and be treated on a case-by-case process.

Full-time Faculty Membership

Anyone in the possession of a DMD, DDS, or equivalent program currently employed in a full-time CODA-accredited dental education program can get 25% off active membership fees.

Should You Join the Wisconsin Dental Association?

For dental professionals in Wisconsin, aligning with the WDA is a smart move.

Not only will the additional resources, support, and educational material be instrumental in guaranteeing the high standards of dentistry that are expected from you, it will increase the scope of the Association in reaching the public.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the WDA’s guide explaining the benefits of being a member. 

Mike Farrell

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, Mike Farrell currently leads operations at Time Investment Company.