Service Finance Company Review

Updated on February 23rd, 2021
Service Finance Company Review

Considering using Service Finance Company (SFC) for a loan or flexible finance plan?

If you are, then it comes as no surprise.

With over a decade on the market offering a slew of financial services that span numerous loan purposes, it is only logical that their name would crop up for persons interested in securing some sort of financial assistance.

Needless to say, their accreditation as a nationally licensed sales finance company bolstered by their status as an approved FHA Title I Lender paints them as a credible financial entity.

That said, many are still unsure as to whether Service Finance Company, LLC may be the best option for them.

Luckily, if you are on the fence about this company, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’re going to offer an analysis of this company, paying particular attention to its shortcomings and setbacks in order to provide you with a solid idea of whether this company is worth it, and if not, what alternative you have at your disposal.

Let’s get into it.

What is The Service Finance Company?

The Service Finance Company ( is a nationally-accredited finance solutions provider operating within the United States.

To be more concrete, they offer a total of just over fifty (50) financial options for persons seeking assistance with one or more either personal or commercial needs. These include anyone who is seeking an FHA Title 1 loan.

The company was founded in 2004 as a for-profit organization and is currently headquartered in the Greater Miami Area, East Coast, Southern USA. That said, they do also operate in New York, Arizona, Texas, and New Hampshire.

Among the services they offer, they also target home improvement contractors who are seeking both promotional and standard installment loan solutions. In effect, their mantra centers around offering flexibility to their customers when it comes to the finance opportunities which are afforded to them.

What Can the Service Finance Company Do for You?

By their own admission (through information posted via their website’s Services page), Service Finance Company operates chiefly in the home improvement and remodeling industry. They claim to finance over 500 specific types of home improvement products and services.

Some of the more significant areas within this industry which they serve are the following:

● Exterior finishes: This may constitute painting, stucco, siding, and any other type of finish that the company approves on.
● Roofing & insulation:
● HVAC & Guttering:
● Windows, doors, and shutters:
● Bath remodel:
● Solar equipment:
● Electrical/plumbing repair
● Flooring:
● Water heaters:
● Furnace/boiler:
● Duct work:
● Basement refurbishing

Essentially, Service Finance Company targets both homeowners and contractors. For the former, they put them directly in contact with contractors who they believe match the needs of their projects. For the former, they claim to offer finance options to contractors which make their services more affordable to customers.

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Service Finance Company: Drawbacks

Despite their longevity on the market as well as their national accreditation, there are several setbacks that one may experience when using Service Finance Company to secure some type of finance service:

1. Lack of transparency in business information: When it comes to securing finance options for contractors, there is much left to be desired from Service Finance Company in terms of the exact solutions which they provide. In other words, Service Finance Company does not publicly state or advertise the terms, agreements, or conditions of the specific service which they deliver to contractors. Consequently, in light of the absence of readily-available information, logic would indicate that Service Finance Company has no clear-cut, standard financing solution for contractors. Needless to say, one cannot help but question whether the inability to access an overview of how they carry out their service will impact negatively on the resulting solution provided to the contractor.

2. Inability to source references for previous projects: Despite their lengthy trajectory in the finance industry, finding statistics that rank or speak to Service Finance Company throughout the years is quite challenging. There is little-to-no information available regarding the number of projects that they have completed nor any information regarding the successful partnerships that they have had throughout the years.

3. Poor reviews: Additionally, it must be stated that on social media platforms, Service Finance Company has received a bad rap with rife accusations of poor customer service. On Yelp’s review page of the company, they pulled in 32 1-star reviews out of a batch of 42. Complaints ranged from unforeseen double payments placed on them by the company which went against what their contract stipulated to improper follow-ups on late payments following due dates.

In short, there is too much uncertainty regarding the solutions that Service Finance Company offers to recommend them in good faith to either a homeowner or a contractor looking for financial services.

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Finally, here’s an example of what a professional, reputable collaboration can look like.

Time Investment Company vs Service Finance Company

Time Investment Company is a solid alternative to Service Finance Company both in terms of finance options as well as professionalism.

Established in 1981 and led by a close-knit family, this company has collaborated successfully with over 250K borrowers/clients facilitating access to just north of $75M over the years.

Therefore, unlike Service Finance Company which has not been forthcoming regarding the performance of their financial services over the years, for decades, Time Investment Company has proven itself as a viable entity when it comes to connecting clients with the finance options they need.

In terms of the process which goes into determining the conditions of their financial services, as has already been discussed, Service Finance Company is not clear about their finance option policies, the conditions to which clients will be subject, or even a willingness to negotiate a favorable plan for those who sign up with them.

Time Investment Company is upfront in their willingness to offer customized solutions to qualified borrowers and clients when it comes to loan programs and finance plans, among others. Being a family-led business, we are empathetic with the needs of our clients and strive to deliver the most ideal financial solutions by working with you to develop a tailor-made plan.

For years, hundreds of thousands of people have achieved their goals thanks to the personalized and empathic nature of the services offered at Time Investment Company. For that reason, while Service Finance Company drops the ball in transparency, Time Investment seeks to offer as clear a service as possible so you can be financially secure at the end of the day.

Time Investment CompanyService Finance Company
Operational40 years16 years
ServicesTIC delivers flexible finance options and solutions to businesses and clients across multiple niches and industries.SFC offers finance options only for services within the home improvement industry.
TransparencyTIC has worked with more than 250K clients and facilitated access to over $75M in loans.SFC has not publicised this information.
Customer ServiceTIC leverages a full-service support team, SaaS client dashboard, and comprehensive program that enables clients to have an easier time accessing loan information and managing finance solutions.Reviews from past clients of SFC have not been very positive.

Access Personalized Finance Solutions With Time Investment Company Today

Despite their longevity on the market, anyone seeking finance solutions should approach Service Finance Company with care.

Not only is their gross transparency in the services and operations which they offer, but reviews from clients who have leveraged their services also are generally not very encouraging.
Instead, you can take advantage of a reputable and professional finance entity such as Time Investment Company.

Learn more about the services we offer so you can set yourself up for the finance plans that will take you one step closer to success.





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