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How We Support LASIK Surgery Providers

Time Investment enables you to provide the necessary treatment and offer tailored financing options to your patients. By utilizing a partnership with a third-party lender, your patients are able to make monthly payments. You and your staff will be equipped to provide financing information to your patients to ensure the application process is transparent and fast. Your patients receive approval within minutes!

In a busy eyecare or laser eye surgery practice, patient financing can seem like a burden. Staff time has to be dedicated to explaining the options and completing the paperwork. Time Investment makes LASIK financing simple, convenient, and quick for providers and their patients.

We take care of the entire process, so you can focus on delivering 20/20 vision!

Why Choose Time Investment


  • Easy online credit approval system
  • Patient credit approvals within minutes
  • No prepayment penalties for patients loans
  • No fee program options for all service tiers
  • Interactive dashboard for viewing current loans
  • Phenomenal customer service! 98% customer satisfaction rate!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Time Investment?

Time Investment is a third-party financing firm that specializes in laser vision surgery financing solutions for patients.

What LASIK financing services does Time Investment offer?

We offer financing for elective vision correction surgeries such as LASIK and PRK eye surgery and eye care needs like premium IOLs and dry eye treatment.

What makes Time Investment the best option when it comes to LASIK surgery financing?

Our eye care providers and their patients are our first priority. As a small business ourselves, we know the associated challenges. We use our knowledge to efficiently deliver tailored solutions for your business and patients.

Does credit score matter to receive a loan approval from Time Investment?

We offer special approaches for patients with varying credit histories. Each case is handled uniquely.

Does the Time Investment offer personal loans directly for financing Lasik surgery?

We offer financing at reasonable interest rates to our medical partners’ patients providing them with the ability to purchase refractive eye surgery at affordable monthly rates.

What other products/services do you offer financing for?

Time Investment offers tailored finance solutions for home improvement, roofing, HVAC, electrical and plumbing, dental, orthodontic, audiology and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Implementing Eye Care and LASIK Surgery Financing in Your Practice

Implementing Eye Care and LASIK Surgery Financing in Your Practice
Updated on August 26th, 2020

Time Investment helps make it simple to implement eye care and laser vision correction financing into your practice. After submitting an online application, LASIK patients are able to secure financing within minutes for their eye care and LASIK needs. Keep reading to learn more about the patient demand for LASIK surgery financing, your financing options, and the benefits in your practice of partnering with Time Investment.

Why LASIK Practices Seek Financing Options

Eye care and laser vision correction can be expensive. In 2020, the average cost of LASIK was $2,133 per eye according to a nationwide survey though costs varied by region and customization of surgery. Market studies expect the global personalized LASIK surgery market to grow from 2.38 billion in 2019 to 4.87 billion in 2027. If financed, the average monthly payment is around $200. Your office can capture this potential market by offering LASIK financing.

While monofocal IOLs for cataract surgery are covered by insurance, premium IOLs are an additional cost of 2-3K depending upon specific lens type. The average annual cost for a dry eye patient is $783 but varies widely by treatment. While both of these procedures are considered elective, both cataracts and dry eye can have an impact on vision and quality of life. By utilizing financing, patients can purchase high-quality IOL implants and the dry eye services and care they deserve.

What is LASIK Surgery Patient Financing?

Eye care and LASIK financing is a process by which a patient seeking eye care can access a line of credit or a loan to cover the costs of their treatments. It reduces the upfront cost by allowing your patients to pay in monthly installments over a period of time. Third-party financing companies are focused on the patient experience and offer flexible repayment terms.

While financing plans are customized by your office, covered services may include:

In a busy practice, LASIK financing can seem like a burden. It takes staff to explain options and complete the process. With the administrative burden of healthcare, the idea of more paperwork and more staff time seems overwhelming. Time Investment makes LASIK financing simple, convenient, and quick for providers and their patients.

Is There a Demand In Your Practice for LASIK Surgery and Eye Care?

As of March 2020, approximately 50 percent of the U.S. adult population had vision insurance. However, vision insurance plans fail to cover specialty IOLs and dry eye treatments. LASIK is not covered by either vision or medical insurance. These out-of-pocket costs may be substantial and more easily paid for in monthly increments. Therefore, there is a need to provide patient financing. 77% of healthcare consumers say it’s important or very important they know their costs before treatment and 53% want to discuss financing options prior to care. However, only 18% of patients report their healthcare provider discussed financing options with them.

High costs may force patients to delay eye care and forgo important procedures like cataract surgery. They may opt against elective procedures like laser vision correction if their financial situation is not ideal. Third-party LASIK financing provides a solution for immediate care, but future re-payment. With that, LASIK offices should strongly consider patient financing as it improves the customer satisfaction of the patients in your practice.

LASIK Surgery and Eye Care Financing for Patients

If patients do not obtain financing through an eye care provider and/or LASIK surgeon, other financing options include unsecured or secured personal loans, bank loans, or credit cards. These payment options are less convenient than dependent third-party financing and your patients can expect elevated, non-negotiable interest rates. Secured loans may require any asset as collateral to be seized if monthly payments are not met. In addition, your practice can expect a bank processing rate of 2.5% to 3% if paid through traditional financing options.

Repayment terms are not ideal with many financing options. Many penalize your patients for early loan repayment and loan amount, payment period, and credit approval processes are not tailored to the patient’s financial need.

Types of Third-Party Financing

There are three types of patient financing including traditional third-party financing, in-house dental financing, and dependent third-party financing. We will address each type so you may select the best option for your business.

Third-Party Financing

The most common practice is using a credit card to cover the cost of LASIK treatment. The practice receives the funds within 48 hours. The bank assumes responsibility and risk for the charges should the patient not pay.

Disadvantages to third party financing include

In-House LASIK Financing

LASIK practices may institute their own in-house payment plans to help their patients. The office constructs the plan and the repayment terms. You assume all risk for future nonpayment of performed services.

Most doctors cannot afford to assume the risk. This can be unsustainable and hinder practice profitability. Collections can be difficult and you rarely recuperate the loss.

Third-Party Financing

The LASIK or eye care practice partners with a third-party lender to negotiate the terms and conditions surrounding the offered services would be beneficial to most doctors. Your practice can capture more patients when they are presented with payment options tailored to their financial profile.

Time Investment has been partnering with healthcare businesses to help manage their patient’s payments and increase their profitability. If you feel this would be beneficial to your practice profitability, we would like to discuss a tailored program with you.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Patient Financing

Third-party patient financing is beneficial to your practice for a number of reasons. Most importantly, financing can improve your patient capture rate. Other benefits to third-party patient financing include:

Why Time Investment for LASIK Surgery Financing?

Time Investment is a family-owned investment business operating in Wisconsin. Our partnership enables your LASIK practice to offer a competitive finance package to your patients. For over 40 years, Time investment has financed over $775 million in loans across 250K businesses. As our client, you should expect exceptional customer service, integrity, and excellence in all business practices, and a modern system with features to grow your practice. We have allied with eye care providers and LASIK surgeons to create tailored solutions to meet the financial needs of their patients.

We offer a bespoke solution for each patient depending upon the financial needs. Our loan approval process is quick and efficient and our approval rates are much higher than other lending agencies. Your patients will secure their LASIK financing within minutes.

Doing business with Time Investment is easy.

A partnership with us will increase the profitability of your practice and the satisfaction of your patients. Complete our contact form for more information on the implementation of financing options in your LASIK or eyecare practice.