Best Healthcare CRM Software for Patient Management

Updated on April 1st, 2022
Best Healthcare CRM Software for Patient Management

Having a secure, compliant system for managing patient contacts and follow-ups is critical for patient care organizations and physicians and dentists in private practice. Manual processes and legacy systems are no longer practical for health care practitioners. 

Having a solid HIPAA-compliant customer relationship management system in place is a must for any potential buyer down the road. A CRM system also helps protect you, the practitioner, against potential liability for leaks of personally identifiable information (PII), or failure to follow up on patient contact. 

Whatever your practice size, CRM programs provide an easy-to-use system that allows you to seamlessly reach out to patients to schedule medically necessary screenings and services. It pairs well with a third-party patient financing program, to help your patients afford treatments that insurance doesn’t cover - without you having to worry about collection. We can help with that part of the equation. So you can focus on doing what you do best: Working with patients. 

Why is it Important to Have a HIPAA-Compliant Health Care CRM?

All healthcare providers should choose a CRM platform that is specially designed to be HIPAA compliant. That goes for any practice handling personally identifiable information, social security numbers, patient records, and names.

The off-the-shelf, general CRM programs that are designed to suit any generic business are not suitable for healthcare providers. That includes the ability to easily and automatically compartmentalize information so that no PII is released to anyone in the organization or out of it that doesn’t have a specific need to know it. 

If the CRM doesn't offer the ability to customize who can access what fields, it’s not going to be HIPAA-compliant. 

TIP: Find out what systems the hospitals and larger practices with in-house expert compliance officers use. If the CRM software provider has clients such as public hospitals, it likely means that they are HIPAA compliant, and a relatively safe bet for your practice as well.

But that doesn’t mean they’re foolproof. You and your clinical and administrative team need to be constantly vigilant in protecting your patients’ PII from unauthorized or accidental leaks, which can expose you and your practice to significant potential liability and heavy fines.

Here are some of the best and most widely-used, proven CRM systems in use among healthcare organizations today. 

Salesforce Health Cloud

Price: Health Cloud Enterprise - $300 per user, per month, Health Cloud Unlimited - $450 per user, per month.

HIPAA Compliant: Yes, but contact your Salesforce account representative.

Salesforce Health Cloud is one of the better-known CRM solutions in the healthcare industry. The cloud-based solution comes with everything hospitals or health care clinics need, such as electronic health records, task management, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, etc.

But besides the usual features, what makes this healthcare CRM system stand out is the possibility to customize individual patient records. 

Besides a CRM solution that helps with patient relationship management, Salesforce Health Cloud also serves as a turnkey practice management software backbone. It's an all-in-one platform that comes with various tools for marketing automation, sales, and social media management. This can be helpful for clinics looking to bring in new patients.

If you wish to maintain communication with patients via email marketing or other services, Salesforce’s Health Cloud makes it easy to keep track of contacts and expand your reach well beyond your existing patient roster. 

Salesforce Health Cloud is pricier than some competitors. But it’s among the dominant CRM systems in the healthcare space, and has demonstrated its value many times over. 

Top Features:

  • Intuitive user experience.
  • A clear and timelined display of patient data.
  • Insightful reports for a 360-degree view of healthcare's management system.


Veeva Medical CRM

Price: Starts at $200 per user per month

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

As the leading provider of life sciences software for global enterprise businesses, Veeva Systems Inc. has various healthcare CRM solutions to help you manage all aspects of your relationships with patients.

The most popular is the Veeva CRM Suite, an end-to-end solution that helps you with intelligent customer management, marketing and outreach, and practice management.

The Veeva Medical CRM solution has outstanding data mining functionality, which can help you discover valuable insights into your patient roster and prospective patients you haven’t yet brought aboard. 

This is an invaluable function for any clinic or provider with a dedicated marketing and sales team that can make the most out of Veeva’s analytic functions. 

Verva is also excellent for drug companies and care providers that have a constant data flow between each other. The sales team can check relevant medical records in real-time (without viewing PII),  and communicate with other organizations without worrying about sending incorrect details or accidentally releasing private medical information. 

If your healthcare organization needs to smoothly and securely transfer data between clinical and marketing people, Veeva is a great tool to keep the records private and inside the business.

Top Features:

  • Full-circle sales and marketing.
  • The all-inclusive dashboard provides detailed patient information while allowing users to secure patient data in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Multi-channel communication and security.


Price: Starts at $50 per first five users per month. $20 per additional user per month.

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

BestNotes is cloud-based CRM software that's different from the usual healthcare CRM solutions. Users use BestNotes to track medical records and send appointment reminders. But what makes this customer relationship management system truly shine is the automation of medication management.

The U.S. FDA estimates that around 1.3 million people in the U.S. suffer health problems each year due to medication errors. The e-prescription tools allow you to send electronic medical prescriptions to pharmacies in an instant - reducing your potential liability, improving service to patients, and freeing up more time for patient care and for growing your practice. 

Underneath the best-in-class prescription management functionality is a darn good customer relations management platform - just optimized for healthcare practitioners and providers. 

It also allows users to track sales and marketing activity, and quickly and easily schedule and issue reminders for follow-ups with patients and clients.

Top Healthcare CRM Features:

  • Excellent prescription management functionality.
  • Assign tasks to yourself and other team members without overcrowding the calendar.
  • Clean overview of electronic health records, marketing campaigns, and patient records.


HC1 Operations Management 

Price: Starts at $150

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

The healthcare CRM software company HC1 has been around since 2010. They offer an integrated CRM and operations management solution that allows you manage your entire patient lifecycle by providing intelligent outbound marketing, appointment scheduling, and analytics about the effectiveness of outreach methods.

The system is fully HIPAA compliant and is in widespread use among health care providers of all types. 

HC1’s project is highly customizable for each patient. For example, you can use HC1 to trigger custom alerts to schedule check-ups, wellness visits, labs, and other follow-up services - generating repeat business, but more importantly, helping you to provide better and more consistent care to your patients with ongoing medical issues . 

The software also makes it easy to communicate with patients directly: The message automation allows doctors to send batch notifications to patients about seasonal diseases, possible precautions, and other vital information - all in real-time - and all while preserving the anonymity of every patient on the email blast. 

Doctors can employ CRM solutions and features for better communication between different teams and patients.

Overall, HC1 is a great healthcare CRM solution for clinics that need a platform to improve overall patient satisfaction.

The marketing team can focus on email marketing campaigns, while the head of the department focuses on task management without interrupting one another.

Top Features:

  • A versatile cloud-based healthcare CRM that has almost every tool hospitals need.
  • Highly customizable to support and track individual patients through their health care journey. 
  • Easy contact and patient communication.


Caspio - Healthcare CRM Builder

Price: Starts at $100 per feature, per month

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Unlike other healthcare CRM solutions that sell primarily off-the-shelf, ready-to-use solutions, Caspio’s offering is a little different: It’s more of a ‘build-your-own’ CRM solution that allows healthcare providers to assemble their own CRM and practice management/operations software without having to code. 

If this sounds somewhat overwhelming, don’t worry. There’s no need to hire a developer to build your CRM platform.

That means you can build a CRM that works for you. Instead of having yourself and your team adjust to the CRM software, you adapt the CRM to your needs and your patients’ needs.

This means that Caspio’s CRM builder is extremely scalable and adaptable. The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly. Thus, having an adjustable CRM system that can flex with the many changes in the health care industry and in your patient mix can be incredibly useful.

Caspio is the go-to CRM software for users that require services that go outside the regular functions. For example, for clinics that require custom databases and multi-data centers, with every component of the system fully HIPAA compliant. 

Another advantage for Caspio is its flat-rate pricing structure. You never pay per user. It’s the same price, no matter how many users you have. So it’s a great solution for growing practices and can save you a good deal of money in the long run. The larger your staff, the more it makes sense to ditch the standard per-user licensing fee and go with a pricing structure like Caspio’s. 

Top Features:

  • A powerful customization tool that allows you to create most of your healthcare CRM by yourself.
  • User-friendly and doesn't require the user to have coding knowledge.
  • Easy contact and patient communication.
  • Quickly create vital tools such as patient portals and patient condition reporting.
  • No ‘per user’ fees.

NextGen Healthcare

Price: Starts at $299 depending on providers using the system

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Although marketed as an electronic health records (EHR) platform, NextGen’s solution is a fantastic product for patient management and for ensuring you're providing top-quality healthcare services.

NextGen comes with every tool you'll need to manage your patient roster, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, contact management, and automation of all manner of manual processes.

NextGen’s software does a great job supporting e-prescriptions. The system automatically checks prescriptions against your patient's known allergies, flags possible drug interaction issues with your patients’ other known prescriptions, and gives the prescribing physician or practitioner the option to continue or switch to a different medication.  (Be sure to use the ‘medications’ module, rather than the ‘office services’ module for this feature, or the interaction information may not display.)  

The NextGen platform is a proven administrative time-saver. It removes the manual work by allowing users to autofill the information such as name and insurance numbers. This not only reduces the time required for your administrative and clinical staff alike; It also removes much of the potential for both administrative and medical error. 

Once the information is entered into the system once, the system then automatically generates patient charts on-demand with the information your clinicians (and billing staff) need.

The scheduler calendar is basic, and in this case, that's a good thing. There's no extra fluff to make the process needlessly complicated. Instead, you get a simple color-based calendar that allows for quick appointment scheduling.

But the interface is easy and intuitive: Rescheduling is as easy as clicking-and-dragging the appointment to a different date. Lead management can easily check who made the changes. 

And the platform provides patients with a secure, easy-to-use portal they can use to request or reschedule an appointment, request prescription refills, update insurance information, pay bills, or provide important medical information to your clinical staff. 

The system also has a robust system of reminders. You can customize how often to send reminders, whether to send them by email or text, and information to include in your reminders to the patient. 

It might not be the most user-friendly service. But the pricing includes free training to help get your staff up to speed quickly, and get the most out of the tools that NextGen offers.

Top Features:

  • A great tool for creating and maintaining quality patient communication.
  • An effortless way to set up appointments and make changes. 
  • Built-in e-prescription functionality automatically flags allergies and drug interactions. 

All in all, a top-quality CRM allows clinics to save time on manual work and offer better health services.


Keep Your Healthcare Industry Practice Growing

In addition to having a top-flight healthcare CRM system, most practices find they need to offer a convenient and affordable way for patients to finance services or procedures that their insurance doesn’t cover.

Too many people put off or avoid seeking needed medical care because they can’t afford the costs, even with insurance. Whether the issue is the total cost of care, or just providing patients a way to finance deductibles and coinsurance, partnering with a proven health care financing company can help you bridge the affordability gap - and help you get your patients the treatment and care they need. 

That’s where we come in: we help healthcare providers by providing them with flexible and simple finance plans designed to help your patients afford the care they need for themselves and their families.

We have financing programs available for a wide spectrum of credit types - not just people with pristine credit histories. In most cases, your patient can get financing approval in just minutes, right in your office. And as soon as the patient confirms, we release funding to your clinic or practice right away. No waiting or going back and forth with insurance companies on the financed amount.

That provides your practice with much-needed cash flow to keep things operating.

Sara Hafeman

With years of experience in the consumer financing industry, Sara Hafeman currently leads marketing and partner development at Time Investment.