About Us...

A Direct Sales Financing Company
Time Investment Company is a leader in the direct sales financing industry. We offer sales financing on small loans purchased through our network of dealers throughout North America. Time Investment Company provides solutions and services tailored to vendors of consumer products and services including fire protection, cookware, china, and many other products and services.

What is Direct Sales Financing?
Direct Sales Financing is a means for small businesses to provide financing to their customers that are not willing to pay in full at time of purchase. Time Investment Company (TIC) partners with small businesses to allow their customers to finance loans for the purchase of product and services. TIC purchases the financed balance, collects interest on the balance, and services the account until the account is paid in full. If you are interested in partnering with TIC, contact us for more information.

Time Investment Company was founded in 1981 with our main office located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Originally servicing the United States, operations expanded in 2005 to include all of North America with the creation of our subsidiary company - Red Lion Funds. Time Investment Company is a privately held company servicing the needs of our dealers and customers with 40+ dedicated employees. Our management team has more than 50 years of experience in Direct Sales Financing.

Future Goals
Time Investment Company continues to grow rapidly and is heading into new and challenging opportunities, both here in North America and abroad as we look to Europe and beyond.

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